HemCatoblepasThe order of things
The order of things Lupina Ojala

Ida and her son is barely surviving in the Outskirts, small communities that exists outside the walls of the City. Every day the Outskirters searched the Citys dumping grounds for hidden treasures – food, clothing, electronics, anything that could be mended and somehow put to use. On days when the wind came blowing from the north, its stench drowned the community.

Every Outskirter shared the same dream – to get away from poverty and the dangers lurking in the woods. To become a citizen of the City. But everything comes at a price.

Titel The order of things
Författare Lupina Ojala
Förlag Catoblepas förlag
Utgivningsår 2016
ISBN 978-91-88183-06-4
ISBN (e) 978-91-88183-03-3

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